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Good-bye for now

Posted by [email protected] on November 14, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Dear Readers:

It truly pains me to say that the most recent censorship issues with one of the largest digital book carriers has caused me to rethink my career as an author. Granted, my work is not for the faint-of-heart, but I had found my niche as well as readers who were interested in the type of Erotic Horror in which I write. The much-needed income from book sales that was extremely beneficial to my family came to a nearly screeching halt when I (as well as more popular authors) were targeted due to this conglomerate's lack of adult filters. My three best-selling books in the Sex Slave Series -- Alien Love Slave, The Sex Arena & Alien Sex Cove -- can no longer be found under their previous titles. Due to censorship demands, the titles have been changed to much less descriptive, rather unexciting titles, at which, I as a reader would hardly glance when searching for hot, alien-sex books. The new titles, Sidney's Escapades 1-3, do not give even a small glimpse into the book and once again, the consumer would pass them by without a second thought.


Perhaps the most frustrating issue has been the lack of personal contact from this huge company. Thankfully, though I doubt any actual person read the contents of my book, I wasn't docked due to content. Just to be clear, ALL of the species in this now-lamely titled series, are SENTIENT; they have a brain, have to be able to sign a contract stating that no harm will come to my main character (Sidney), and have feelings and as well as emotions. They are not mindless dimwits but understand what it means when they consort with Sidney's employers, the Grays. Sidney, in turn, gets plenty of enjoyment in her role and her encounters with different aliens.


My books will still be available for purchase, until I find out otherwise. I may have to assume another pen name if I want to continue writing...Hmmm...Maybe I'll do just that!


Thank you for your support and the wonderful reviews. I love you, my readers, and hope we will meet again!


--Emerald Ice

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