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Hello Again!!!

Posted by [email protected] on November 26, 2013 at 12:45 AM

Hello once again! Yes, already. I am a person who, when writing blogs or speaking in a non-fiction setting, means exactly what she says. I had absolutely planned on changing my pen name or putting the entire writing experience under "lessons learned." It was NOT a ploy to see just how loved I am or how much I'd be missed or whether anyone in the entire universe would care; however... I can't seem to let the big corp win. Maybe I'm glutton for punishment or just insane but after receiving e-mails asking me to continue writing or to not let "the man" get me down, how can I resist the temptation? Fine, fine, fine! I have a couple of stories in my head just aching to be written, so I'll do just that. And, yes, I will write under the guise of Emerald Ice, writer of stories you shouldn't tell your mother you read or anyone else for that matter if you want to keep your job! ;) What the hell, you only live once!

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