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Emerald Ice

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WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content. It is not suited for those under the age of 18. Adult 18+

When Diana Crown accidentally discovers a secret passage under her hotel room, she is shocked to find herself in the Minotaur's labyrinth. Even more surprising is the presence of her mentor and his assistant who have been cursed to reside in the maze for thousands of years with only brief periods of respite. 

Dr. Antonio Barbas and Wilson see Diana as their only means of escaping the horrible maze -- if she agrees to help them.

Will Diana choose to save herself or will she save them all by breaking the curse and giving herself freely to Minotaur?

20,000 Words, approximately.

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WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content. It is not suited for those under the age of 18. Adult 18+

Diana Crown is elated when she receives an invitation from the sexy scholar, Dr. Antionio Barbas, to join his archaeological study in Crete. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Diana jumps at the chance to gain academic kudos, as well as the attentions of the provocative intellectual. Suddenly the past becomes real as she finds herself playing the part of Queen Pasiphae. She discovers her former mentor has a secret past and the ability to shapeshift from demigod to beast - a "gift" he received from Poseidon long ago. Will Diana find his true form so abhorrent she rejects him or will she accept the man inside the beast?

Contains over 9,000 words of erotic shapeshifter sex.

Note: The White Bull is an extreme aggrandizement of the myth of Pasiphae. The author has taken great liberties in writing this work of fiction.

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The Panther's Desire 2

     A recent e-mail from a customer raised my awareness about The Panther's Desire and the lack of its sequel. I was working on the second book though due to unforeseen circumstances, the book is on hold at the moment. I want the second book to be as good as the first and I refuse to whip out something less just to fill the gap. Thank you for patiently waiting and I do apologize for the time in-between the first and yet-to-be-published 2nd book.

As Lead Panther, Jag Winters has a huge amount of responsibility in keeping a group of high-testosterone were-cats in line & safe from humans. When a rogue cougar is captured on camera & makes headlines in the local news, Jag must not only squelch the rumor, but find the identity of the careless were-cat. His search for the interloping feline lands him in a situation in which he has no control & no hope of escape...until he meets Nichola.

Nichola Rokke works at Baalman Medical Research as a lab assistant. When a "supposed" glitch in the computer system puts her to work in the restricted section, she discovers BMR is more than a simple drug-testing firm. 

Trapped in a room with a beast of a man and terrified for her life, she hopes to escape with only a few scratches, if she is lucky. Yet, she finds herself powerfully drawn to Jag for reasons she cannot explain.

Thrown together by fate, Jag and Nichola cannot resist their desires, esecially when Jag's inner-panther senses his mate is right before him. Find out what happens to this steamy couple as they fight to escape evil and to save their very lives.

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Release date: 2/8/13

No sooner than her return to the gray’s ship, Sidney materializes on a planet. A trio of new species has contracted her for sex and breeding. As events unfold, Sidney finds she may be at an advantage when the gray alien's ship is attacked. 

Will Sidney die or will she escape to finally find peace? Find out in the final installment of the Sex Slave Series!

Xevra Rush has a fetish; a cock fetish, to be precise. Word of her need to feed her obsession attracts the attention of a powerful man who summons her to him. 

Not about to obey a directive from some nobody, Xevra ignores his demand, but unknowingly plays right into his hands when she interviews for a position at the very company he owns. 

Who, or, more importantly, what is this alpha male and what will he do to Xevra when she shows up on his front door?

Approximately 7,500 words.


Sidney Marshall awakens in a strange location and realizes her owners, the gray aliens, have contracted her for sex and breeding to the highest bidder once again.

The Sex Arena is the most popular attraction to thousands of spectators. Sidney finds herself part of the main attraction.

Will she enjoy her not-so-intimate encounters with different species this time or will she meet her demise?

Approximately 11,000 words.

Book 2 of The Sex Slave Series.

Many thanks to the amazingly talented artist, Mitru, for the beautiful cover!


Sidney Marshall is abducted from her front lawn by aliens. After being subjected to an in-depth physical examination, she is horrified to learn she is now considered property to be loaned out for sex and breeding to any species who can pay. On the upside, her abductors have two requirements in their sex contract with other species: Sidney must experience pleasure & must be kept alive.

Will her life be hell or will she discover that life as a sex slave isn’t so terrible after all?

Approximately 15,400 words.

Book 1 of The Sex Slave Series.

While Chloe Sanders is collecting unusual samples from the forest for research, she finds an even bigger biological anomaly waiting for her. An elusive Bigfoot has the hots for Chloe and she finds herself unable to resist the sexual advances of the ape-man and his brother - especially after they find her alone and naked.

Chloe learns that not only Bigfoot has made his home in Apple Creek, but also several different species of were-animals live in the forest preserve. The shifters' very existence is at stake and tensions run high as Chloe tries to flee from the control the Bigfoot brothers have over her.

Will they force her to mate with them? Allow her to leave in peace? Read this erotic series to find out what happens when a  woman discovers the strange world of the shifters of Apple Creek.

Approximately 26,000 words.

Prince Zayrd Hale is a man who gets what he wants. He uses women for sexual gratification then throws them away; until one day, he meets his match. A woman curses the prince and a witch teaches Zayrd a lesson he'll never forget!

***Erotic Horror***

Approximately 6,000 words.

Chloe Sanders is the first person to set foot in Apple Creek Forest Preserve in fifteen years. Collecting unusual samples from the forest should be an easy task, but Chloe finds an even bigger biological anomaly waiting for her. An elusive lycanthrope has the hots for Chloe and she finds herself unable to resist the advances of Bigfoot.

5,000 words approx

Chloe Sanders has never been more frustrated in her life. Her truck died, she injured herself and Bigfoot just abandoned her in the middle of the road after sexually teasing her to the point of insanity! A sexy forest ranger rides in to the rescue, but Chloe isn't sure she wants to be rescued at all. Will she see her Bigfoot again? Will she go mad with pent-up sexual frustration? Find out in part 2 of The Beast’s Desire.

9,200 words approx.

After discovering the identity of Bigfoot, Chloe Sanders has had enough. She is determined to leave Apple Creek Preserve, but getting out of the forest is more of a challenge than she ever dreamed. Chloe discovers a world she never knew existed as multiple species of shifters learn of her presence on their sacred ground. Will they kill her? Force her to mate with them? or Let her leave in peace? Read the exciting conclusion of this series in The Beast’s Desire 3 to find out!

12,000 words approx.